Event Details

Event Dates

  • The event will be formally run 4th – 6th of May 2018
  • Entries will be closed from midnight Friday the 27th April 2018.


Boronia Radio Control Car Club
Corner Dorset Road
and Park Crescent
(Opposite the Boronia RSL)

Street parking in Park Crescent




  • ISTC Modified
  • ISTC 13.5t
  • R1 ISTC 21.5t
  • ISTC Junior Sportsman
  • 1/12th Scale Modified
  • 1/12th Scale Stock


  • GT 17.5
  • Mini

Class Entry Fees

  • First Class:                $50
  • Second Class:           $35
  • Tyres pre-glued:     $40
  • 21.5 Controlled motor hire $20 (optional)                              (Update: March 23)
    – Hire covers 3 days
    – Collect Friday and return at end of event
    – Motors not returned will be invoiced for full motor cost
    – Limited numbers available

 Pre-Purchase Tyre Limits 

  • ISTC Modified                        4 sets
  • ISTC 13.5t                                3 sets
  • R1 ISTC 21.5t                         2 sets
  • ISTC Junior Sportsman     1 set
  • GT 17.5t                                    3 sets

$40 each set

Note 1: Tyres may be pre-purchased with entry and will be available at the track for purchase at designated times during the event (minimum 1 time slot per day)

Note 2: ISCT 21.5t motor can be hired for the event. Controlled and sealed by AARCMCC officials with the BRCCC collecting hire fee and managing refunds/deposits

Meeting Format

  1. Please be aware the meeting format is subject to entry numbers.
  2. The Race format is 5 Qualifiers (All Classes Rounds 1-5) on Saturday and Finals (3 Rounds) on Sunday.
  3. To achieve a minimum of 5 Qualifiers and 3 Finals for all classes there needs to be a maximum of 13 races per Round with a 2 min gap between races.
  4. Should entries exceed 13 races per Round we reserve the right to adjust the format based on entry numbers.
  5. Once 13 races per Round are achieved we also reserve the right to refuse further entries to a class. No entries will be refused prior to 10th March.
  6. Sanctioned Touring Cars and 1/12th Scale to have a maximum of 10 cars per race.
  7. Less than 8 entrants in any sanctioned class will not attract AARCMCC points, less than 8 entrants and the class may not be run.
  8. Changes to the above format will be communicated after entry numbers are finalised and confirmed at the first drivers briefing
  9. All competitors in Championship Classes must be members of AARCMCC affiliated clubs.


  1. Event plan is for a minimum of 5 qualifiers for all classes, with preference to sanctioned classes first.  Time Pending, Qualifier 5 may be run Sunday morning.
  2. If rain or similar unforeseen delay occurs, a minimum of 4 qualifiers will be run and in worst case will constitute an event.
  3. Qualifiers per class with points awarded to the overall finishing position in each qualifier (time/distance) on a basis of 100 for 1st, 99 for 2nd, 98 for 3rd and so on.
  4. Qualifying will be based on dropping worst two rounds.
  5. Staggered start with a 6 minutes run time for all classes with exception of Touring Cars Modified (5 minutes) and 1/12th Scale Modified (8 minutes)
  6. Starting position for Qualifiers 1 – 3 will be determined by your 3 fastest consecutive laps in control practice seeding
  7. Starting position for Qualifiers 4-5 will be determined by a re-grade based on qualifiers 1-3.


  1. Grid Start.
  2. Grid Position determined by qualifying.
  3. All finals (A, B, C, etc.) to have 3 final races per class time permitting.
  4. “A” finals for sanctioned classes will run 3 Finals as priority
  5. Worst result dropped for all classes, ie:
    3 final legs, 2 count, 1 discarded


  • TQ, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each class will receive a trophy,
  • All other competitors in A Finals to receive trophy.
  • Concourse trophy (body and chassis) trophy for best painted body shell.
  • All classes will be judged for Concourse together, prior to first qualifier.  To be eligible for concourse, body must be used at some stage during the event.


  • MyLaps and AMBrc transponders.
  • MRT mPTX  personal transponders are supported.
  • Club transponders will NOT be available.


  • Undercover tables / benches available with first preference to our interstate and country guests.
  • Local competitors, if you have shade and/or tables it would be greatly appreciated if you brought your own


  • BBQ, Hot Foods and Cold drinks will be available.

Technical Regulations

ISTC Modified, ISTC 13.5t, R1 ISTC 21.5t

  • AARCMCC rules will apply as stated on the AARCMCC Facebook page. For convenience, a reference copy is also on this web site – please familiarise yourself with these rules.
  • Please be ready to present your car to scrutineering on Friday.
  • All cars will be subject to typical weight and measure checks.
  • Bodies will be checked and marked.  Maximum two bodies per competitor at initial scrutineering.  If you want to run a 3rd or more body, these must be checked before use.
  • 13.5 and 21.5 Motors must be presented at initial scrutineering to be inspected and tagged.
  • No Cross Entry between Sanctioned Touring Car Classes is allowed.

 1/12th Modified (1/12)

  • Open class, no control tyres, no limits on tyre sets.
  • AARCMCC rules will apply as stated on the AARCMCC website aarcmcc.org – please familiarise yourself with these rules.

 1/12th Stock (1/12)

  • Stock class, no control tyres, no limits on tyre sets.
  • AARCMCC rules will apply as stated on the AARCMCC website aarcmcc.org – please familiarise yourself with these rules.

 ISTC Junior Sportsman

  •  AARCMCC rules will apply as stated on the AARCMCC website aarcmcc.org – please familiarise yourself with these rules.
  • Motor – Turnigy TrackStar 21.5T 1855KV sensored brushless motor. P/N:9192000034  ONLY.
  • ESC – Any ESC that has a “Blinky” mode ie; a flashing light.
  • Gear – Gearing is fixed to the minimum of 4.5 final drive ratio (FDR)

GT 17.5

Chassis: Any brand of IFMAR/ROAR legal independent suspension 1/10th Scale touring car chassis.


  • Muchmore Racing – Fixed Timing Spec Motor. FLETA ZX 17.5T Type W Brushless Motor with Zero timing.
  • Muchmore Racing – Fixed Timing Spec Motor. FLETA ZX V2 17.5T with standard rota – Brushless Motor with Zero timing.

Tampering in any way at all is NOT ALLOWED!.

The Motor selected must be run as is out of the box.
General cleaning of motor and lubing of original bearings is allowed.

ESC: Any ESC that does not have dynamic timing ie :boost or turbo options , or any ESC that has a Blinky Mode ie ; A flashing light denotes that no dynamic timing is enabled /allowed.

Tyres:              Controlled Volante 36 Rubber tyres only (24mm)

Hop-Ups:       Unrestricted

Gearing:          FDR Gearing – is to be set between 3.5 Minimum to 3.8 Maximum

Body Shell:     2 door GT style shells (190mm) only. Modifications to shell including airflow or cooling holes are not allowed.


Chassis: Tamiya M01/3/5/7 series “Front Wheel Drive” chassis only, assembled as per Instruction Manual.
No chassis/power train modifications allowed.
Only exception: the included/optional differential which may be modified to give a locked/spool action.


  • Hobbywing Max 10 Combo – 60 Amp ESC Model No 30102602, 3300kv Motor Model No 30402600
  • 13T/3000KV Hobbywing OEM / rebranded Complete System with max 60 amp ESC
    and engraved / etched can (limited to 3400Kv max when tested).

No alteration of wiring from ESC to the Motor, these MUST remain as supplied.

Motors may not be modified or tampered with in any way
other than re-configuring shims and replacing worn bearings (ceramic NOT allowed.

ESC: Any ESC that does not have dynamic timing ie :boost or turbo options , or any ESC that has a Blinky Mode ie ; A flashing light denotes that no dynamic timing is enabled /allowed.

Tyres: Any commercially available rubber mini-sized tyre, in any combination and/or compound, with any insert. Standard Offset mini sized wheels only allowed.

Hop-Ups: ESC, bearings, any Tamiya hop-ups are permitted with the exception of speed-tuned gears. Kits and hop-ups must be assembled as per manufacturers’ instructions. Official Tamiya optional ALLOY components may be replaced with an equivalent aftermarket part.

Gearing: 20 , 18 OR 16 Tooth pinions only. (Speed Tuned Gear Sets not allowed for these cars).

Body Shell: Body shells are open, with the following restrictions – No Modern (post 1980) 4 door Touring Sedans and/or 12th scale type Wedge/Can-am Sports bodies.

13.5T and 21.5T Motors

  • To speed up the process of car scrutineering, all stock classes 13.5, 21.5 will need to present up to 2 motors to the scrutineering tent. Motors will then be checked and tagged.
  • The tag must not be removed under any circumstances during the course of the event, it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure their motors have been through scrutineering.
  • This process must be done prior to the 1st round of qualifying. Should a motor become damaged or unusable, a new one can be presented to the scrutineer and have it tagged.
  • Failure to comply will result in disqualification of that round.


  1. Controlled Tyres will be used for Junior, 21.5, 13.5, Mod, GT 17.5 and are the only tyres that may be used once provided to the driver.  Tyres will be available for purchase at entry as well as additional sets (up to maximum allowances) at designated times during the weekend.
  2.         Junior 21.5 a maximum of one (1) set of tyres permitted
  3.         13.5, 21.5,GT 17.5 a maximum of three (3) sets of tyres permitted

     iii.        Open class, a maximum of Four(4) sets of tyres permitted

  1. Tyres are “Rush – Rush 36  Pre-Glued Tyres” (Control Tyre)for this event, tyres for practice in advance of event tyres being made  available can be purchased from;
    • Hearns Hobbies
    • RC Maker
    • RAB Hobbies
    • Metro Hobbies
  1. GT 17.5 Tyres are “Volante 36 Rubber tyres only (24mm)” (Control Tyre)for this event, tyres for practice in advance of event tyres being made  available can be purchased from;
    • Hearns Hobbies
    • RC Maker
    • RAB Hobbies
    • Metro Hobbies
  2. There are to be no modifications made to the tyre assembly (i.e.: air holes in the rims must not be made bigger).
  3. Re-gluing and tyre balancing is allowed.
  4. Tyres will be marked by race organisers and checked regularly, tyres are allocated to you and your class
  5. Tyres may be interchanged within the sets purchased by a driver for that class without penalty.
  6. If tyres are damaged the tyre assembly may not be used.
  7. It is the drivers’ responsibility to ensure that all identifying marks on the tyre assembly are not damaged.
  8. You may not use another entrant’s tyre(s).
  9. Tyres must be collected prior to racing and must be returned before you leave the track for the day on Saturday.
  10.  Drivers failing to return tyres on Saturday will be disqualified.
  11. Tyres are property of the entrant at the conclusion of the event.

Controlled Tyre Additive and Cleaning

  1. VOLANTE PURPLE TIRE ADDITIVE (Additive station will be provided.)
  2. Wurth Brake Cleaner (Available for purchase at the club.)


  • Electrical Equipment Safety– in the interests of safety the event organisers recommend that:
  • 240V electrical equipment be tested for safety prior to the event (eg: power supplies, soldering irons, power boards).
  • We reserve the right to refuse the use of any equipment considered unsafe.
  • Compressors – the club air compressor is available for use by all entrants.
  • Personal air compressors may not be used to reduce noise and potential power spikes.

Proposed Event Schedule: Track Opening and Event Timing

Monday 30th April – Thursday 3rd May- Track Closed

Friday 4th May

  • 7.00am – Tyres available for collection.
  • 8:00am – Open practice.
  • 9:30am – Controlled practice commences, 10 min track time for each class pending on number drivers (technical inspection to occur immediately after)
  • The last Controlled Practice will be used for seeding for Qualifying races on Saturday
  • 6:00pm – Controlled practice concludes. Open practice remains available until dark.

Saturday 5th May

  • 7.00am – Tyres available for collection.
  • 8:00am – Drivers meeting and Concourse.
  • 8.30am – Qualifying Round 1, qualifying rounds 2-5 are run on Saturday and may be run under lights if required and time permitting.
  • Track closed

Sunday 6th May

  • 7:00am – Tyres available for collection (technical inspection).
  • 8:15am – Drivers meeting. No Practice is available
  • 08:30am – Beginning of Finals Round 1 or Round 5 Qualifying if not run already
  • 3:15pm – Finishing time (pending on number of entrants)
  • 3:30pm – Award presentation ceremony.

The above schedule is indicative and subject to change at any time by the Race Director to account for unforeseen circumstances including inclement weather. If need be the Event can continue under the track flood lighting

Stock Motor Requirements & Testing Schedule

Body Shells Inspections Allocated time slots:

This applies to MOD, 13.5T & 21.5T all body shells are to be presented for pre tech inspection during Friday Control Practice

  • Friday 11AM-12PM MOD, 13.5T & 21.5T
  • Friday 3-4PM MOD, 13.5T & 21.5T
  • Saturday 6:30-7AM
    (only available for racers who did not attend control practice)

Motor Technical Inspections Allocated time slots:

  • Friday 9:30-10:30AM 13.5T
  • Friday 10:30-11AM 21.5T
  • Friday 4-5PM 13.5T & 21.5T
    (only available for racers who arrived after 11AM)
  • Saturday 6:30-7:30AM 13.5T & 21.5T
    (only available for racers who did not attend Friday)

The only exception to motors not being presented for technical inspection on Friday during the above allocated time slots will be racers who are unable to attend Friday. If you need to have your car inspected on Saturday make sure you arrive early and contact the scrutineer and or race director as soon as you arrive on Saturday!

Motor Technical Inspection will be conducted as follows:

  • Competitors can submit up to two motors for technical inspection ie either 1 or 2 motors.
  • To speed up the process motors must be removed from the car presented without pinion gear, wires or sensor cable.
  • Any previous scutineering tags must be removed prior to submitting

Motors for technical inspection.

  • Racers must bring suitable tools to the scrutineering tent to dismantle their own motors for inspection as required. See note below
  • It is strongly suggest that racers arrive to the track on Friday morning with motors already removed from their car ready to inspect.

Stock Motor Requirements

To be legal for use at AARCMCC sanctioned events the motor needs to be ROAR, BRCA, or EFRA approved AND also meet the technical specifications.

Technical specifications are listed in AARCMCC EP On-Road General & Technical Rules, key dimensions for 13.5T are listed below. It is the racers responsibility to ensure that their gear is legal. See the instructions below for measuring your motor to make sure it is legal. http://www.teamtekin.com/news/tekin-…spect-a-motor/

Motor Can Maximum diameter is 36.02mm excluding solder tabs or lead wires. Minimum diameter is 34.00mm excluding solder tabs or lead wires.

Maximum length is 53.00mm Stator 13.5T Stack minimum length 19.30mm, maximum 21.00mm. Stack inside diameter minimum 14.50mm, maximum 16.00mm. The thickness of the stack plates is 0.35 +/- 0.05mm.

Rotor 13.5T Shaft diameter must be 3.175mm. The shaft outside diameter, where the magnet is mounted, shall be minimum 7.25 +/- 0.150mm. Magnet minimum length 23.00mm, maximum 27.00mm. Magnet outside diameter minimum 12.00mm, maximum 12.51mm

Battery Voltage

The multimeter used for the event will be available for checking battery voltages during Friday controlled practice. It is the racers responsibility to ensure that their batteries are not overcharged


There are numerous Hotel/Motels within a short distance of the track.
Suggest the use of the various accommodation apps to find rooms that best suit your needs.
Some example accommodation within easy reach follow:

  • Ferntree Gully Hotel Motel – Burwood Hwy Ferntree Gully (approx $110/night)
  • Dorset Gardens Hotel – Dorset Rd Croydon (approx $110/night)

Boronia and surrounding area contains a wide variety of good restaurants, fast food, pubs and super markets.
Many literally 5 minutes walk from the track.